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Nothing feels good at the beginning of every new school year like having a new lunch box. Children usually select boxes with a lot of care, debating on a design that suits them most. Kids and the lunch boxes go together. However, the very first lunch boxes were not meant for children. In the 1800s, the blue-collar workers used to carry their lunches at work using metal pails that were protecting the food from any rigors at their place of work. As a matter of fact, the lunch pail one used illustrated their rank on the scale of the economy. A lunch pail implied that one could not get a hot noontime dish. This fact did not reduce children’s eagerness of emulating their parents who were working. Soon enough, the children customized their own lunch boxes from a tin box which was originally utilized to carry cookies or tobacco. The first lunch boxes that had a mass production for kids resembled the picnic baskets & they featured illustrations of playing kids.

The age of the ancient lunch boxes

The initial lunch box came into existence in 1935which featured the Mickey Mouse. The market for the lunch box didn’t however explode till the year 1950. Up to that point, the Aladdin Industries were selling plain “lunch kits” that were made of steel. As a means of searching for alternative ways of growing its market, during the early 1950s, the industry released a new lunch box that emblazoned with a decal of Hopalong Cassidy. The sales became very good that made the American Thermos to follow the suit. It made a release of the Roy Rogers lunch box which had complete color lithography on every side of the box. The lunch boxes that were character-based implied that children would need a new one each year, based on which TV show was on the top at that time. A new industry became established where one hundred and twenty million boxes were on sale between 1950 & 1970. Many boxes accompanied a Thermos that matched with the box. The Thermoses were initially made of steel & insulated with glass. However, over time, these Thermos evolved into a plastic version.

In 1962, the Aladdin industry further revolutionized their lunch box through embossing its front & back, that added a 3-dimensional effect to its artwork. This “dome” shaped box came up around a similar time which echoed the early version of a worker’s lunch pail. In 1960, a vinyl lunch box came into existence. This box was made of plastic and was heat-sealed over a cardboard. The pink boxes mostly targeted the girls. Vinyl boxes did not catch on well due to the fact that they were flimsy.

The depletion of metal lunch boxes

The cost reducing measures rang in the plastic lunch box period in the 1970s. Many people say that the metal lunch box became depleted in the 1970s. This is the time when Florida banned the metal lunch boxes since it was feared that children would use the boxes as playing weapons. More likely, the plastic lunch boxes however were just cheaper to produce. The final metal lunch box was in 1987 which featured Rambo (A film character).

Thermos then brought back their metallic lunch box in the year 1998; they however produced only a few of them every year. Nowadays, many metallic lunch boxes are in collectors’ hands. You don’t however expect to use a ton of cash for an old lunch box in case it is scuffed or rusted. Many vintage lunch boxes range between $10 & $100.

The future of lunch boxes

Prepd could be the future lunchbox. This lunch box makes it easier to take cooked meals to the workplace than many alternatives that are available nowadays. Comprising of a well-designed lunch box, a good container system & an app that is curated by the nutritionists & chefs, it is an invention that many people are keeping their eyes on.

If you are experiencing problems of ingesting everything on a plate, Prepd is going to cover you. The containers have a proper size for the portion control. Purchasing many container sets allows the users to batch-cook many days earlier, a method popularly referred to as Meal Prep. Prepd App permits users to look for “homemade” recipes & meal plans made to fit these containers perfectly. These recipes are made by nutritionists & chefs and may be cooked faster in advance for many days of some deliciousness.

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